Create Your Individual Learning Plan

eiLearn is built around the six pillars essential for growing your business, you can use it to learn at any time on multiple devices. The portal provides you with resources and tools to support your learning journey but we recommend that you spend time reflecting on your business and your learning needs first.  The six pillars is a framework used by Enterprise Ireland to support the development of Irish businesses, within eiLearn it can support your ongoing learning and development over time to ensure your success.

You can upskill across the six pillars areas by entering the ‘Open Access’ section of eiLearn, this in the ‘Open Access’ section. For deeper learning we both offer short and long programmes and through a blended approach. Blended learning includes classroom, one-to-one and online support using  eiLearn.

Why not start browsing through the six pillars below where you can find prompts to stimulate your thinking across the six pillars (You may wish to continue this conversation with your Enterprise Ireland Development Advisor).

We advise you to download and complete the learning plan template for your reference. By writing down your goals you are more likely to achieve them and this is a useful start. This short form will help you to explore your learning needs and then create your individual Learning Plan.




Leadership & People


Sales & Marketing

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