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This highly practical one-day workshop and follow-up implementation session will enable companies to implement a structured and systematic sales pipeline management system in order to increase the conversion of sales leads and grow export sales faster. This workshop programme will enable companies that are serious about growing export sales to achieve this in a more structured and systematic way.

This workshop is aimed at companies operating in a business-to-business (B2B) environment, selling (or aspiring to sell) in export markets. It is a must for those who wish to build a simple yet powerful system to manage their business opportunities, improve their hit rate and reduce the number of lost opportunities.

This is not a one-size-fits-all workshop. You will be taken on a 4-step journey, enabling you to build a roadmap that is customised to your business. The workshop will give you the tools, templates, best practices and enthusiasm required to take your sales to the next level.

This workshop is aimed at Senior Management Executives with responsibility for selling high value products and services into business-to-business markets. Up to three participants per company may attend.

Ideally, you will already be developing your business internationally and would value additional support and guidance to enable you to be more successful in securing business opportunities across all sectors.

Please note that delegates will be required to undertake preparation work in advance of the workshop and between the workshop and follow-on implementation sessions. Details will be provided to delegates both on registration and at the workshop.

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Ronan Kilroy

Ronan Kilroy

Sales Trainer & Coach

Specialties: Sales performance improvement, Sales Process Design and implementation, visual selling, sales prospecting, B2B, sales coaching, sales strategy and sales planning.

Learning Programme Specifications

Programme Business Objectives
The workshop has been developed by experienced sales professionals to enable your business achieve the following:

  • Build a sales pipeline management structure that suits your business and which becomes embedded in your daily routines
  • Forecast your sales revenues more accurately, thereby giving you a tool for improved business planning and resource allocation
  • Assess and rate business opportunities in a consistent manner and have proven techniques to help you nurture these through to order
  • Manage your sales team more effectively, make sales meetings more transparent and productive and enable you to hold salespeople accountable
  • Improve conversion of international sales opportunities
Learning Approach, Facilities and Support
Held at Enterprise ireland HQ, the course is centred around a one-day workshop, the programme will be delivered in three phases:

  1. pre-workshop diagnostic – which will allow us to make the content of the workshop more targeted to your needs and goals. The 30-minute pre-workshop diagnostic by telephone, with a brief worksheet completed by you will allow us to identify the current status of your pipeline process and allows you to quickly assess your needs and goals
  2. one-day, interactive workshop using proven and tested methods to improve learning outcomes. Heavy use of visual learning and other techniques such as role-playing, live demonstrations, break-out sessions for individual and group work and action-oriented worksheets help to reinforce learning
  3. two-hour follow up coaching session, held within four weeks of the workshop itself. The actions you have committed to during the workshop will be reviewed with you. The key purpose of this coaching session is to ensure you are making real progress in your sales pipeline management process. We want to support you to ensure that you can achieve your pipeline implementation and sales goals
Module Content

The outcomes of the workshop and implementation process will be:

  • Understanding of an effective, flexible sales pipeline management system that suits your business
  • A clear plan for implementation
  • Direct improvement in key sales metrics
Course Resources
You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.
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