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The most successful companies view competitor and market intelligence gathering not as a one-off event, but as part of the ongoing sales and marketing process. Enterprise Ireland’s Sales and Marketing Unit (SMU) maps this as the first element to achieve best practice sales and marketing. The aim of the Competitive Intelligence Review is to help you develop inhouse capability to carry out intelligence gathering. We will help you to structure intelligence gathering allowing your company to grow.

Who should participate?

This programme is aimed ideally at a member of your team who is responsible for undertaking research within the company. This person must have support from their colleagues and from senior management.  One key question related to the international growth of your  business forms the basis for the research work. The programme is a guiding support to allow you or the dedicated member of your team to learn and follow a best practice approach and then to carry out the related research directly.    



Roisin Bell

Roisin Bell

Research Consultant

Rosin runs the award winning firm KnowledgeWorks, the leading specialist in secondary market research. She has saved a few start-ups from costly mistakes, pointed out previously unidentified competitors and tested and changed business models to ones that will work. Roisin has pointed developing businesses in the right direction for profitable expansion, whether that’s with new customers or in new markets. Market validation research methods include: competitive analysis, market size and valuation and analysis of local market trends and characteristics.
Colette Quinn

Colette Quinn

Market Research Consultant

Colette Quinn works across all industry sectors, bringing an objective eye to a business’s market development. She has over 20 years of experience with global brands (Coca Cola, Gillette, Unilever) in London and Hamburg. She then went to manage the CRM and Customer Insight remit for Vodafone Ireland and then for the Musgrave Group. More recently Colette has spent her time working with businesses of all sizes through her primary market research consulting firm, Real Insights which is based in Cork. Recent clients have come from the enterprise software sector, the medical devices sector, natural skincare and the hospitality sector. Colette’s key strength is in helping businesses to identify best opportunities for growth. Colette has a no nonsense, commercially focused approach and really enjoys helping businesses use data and insight to drive growth and inform decision making.
Programme Business Objectives

The Competitive Intelligence Review (CIR) program is designed to help you develop in-house capability to carry out intelligence gathering. From carrying out best practice research on a specific business decision, you will develop a framework to replicate this continuously on other projects. This allows business decisions to become more strategic thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving your plans successfully. By the end of this process you should have:

  • Enough information to help you make an immediate, significant business decision on a topic that you have selected
  • The skills to keep your knowledge base up to date and relevant for future business decisions


3 Step Learning Approach
There are 3 steps in this learning approach, the consultancy time allocated to the program is one full day, accessed when your company requires it. The full duration of the programme is set at 3 weeks, however this may extend.


1. At the Start of the programme

A. We need you to be clear about the following two questions.

  • What core business question do you need to answer?
  • Who is doing the research and who is the senior management sponsor?


2. As you move through the programme
Look at the support available

  • Take a look a key terms in the Glossary entry, add any you think we’ve missed.
  • Ask questions, view other answers on the Participant Forum.
  • Review Enterprise Ireland Market Research Center
  • Review Market Research Center guide on Moodle
  • Schedule visit to the Market Research Center, by emailing


3 - At the end of the programme

A.   Round up consultant call to summarize actions and next steps

B. Conduct in-company review

• Review the outcomes within your company leading towards informed decisions

• Analyse your skills now compared to the start of the Competitive Intelliigence Review Process

• Map out the right skillset for the next 12 months for you and your team

C. Sales & Marketing Unit Checkback – Schedule a call with your Sales & Marketing Unit functional specialist to explore next steps. This may include introduction to overseas offices or further actions to support next steps etc

D. Feedback is given on the process by filling out a survey


Module Content

This course is delivered using a blended learning approach. Blended learning involves:

  • using the online Learning Management System or LMS 
  • speaking with your consultant and
  • coming into enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre

The purpose of this approach is to ensure you are fully supported while carrying out the research within your day to day role.

Please note interactions with your consultant will be via skype or phone call and visits to our market research centre can be arranged by emailing:

It is recommended that you liaise with your facilitator to maximise the visit.

You will be given access to the LMS upon course sign up.

Special modules featured online include:

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market sizing & validation
  • Environmental analysis

You will be directed towards the most appropriate module for your business need by your consultant. Even though your project will focus on one area, you’ll have access to all the guides for further research  once the CIR programme is completed.


You will be given access to all the necessary tools to complete the programme. However, adequate time must be allocated for the researcher to complete the tasks. This time will vary based on the extent of the research needed to address your business problem. This will be estimated at the start of your engagement with your consultant. Time will also be required on the part of the senior manager, as they need to direct the participant and ensure they are fully supported in their efforts.
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