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Early planning and preparation is a critical factor in a company’s ability to respond to external business challenges such as Brexit. Enterprise Ireland’s Business Planning Programme is the ideal vehicle for your company to kick start that planning process.

Fast track your business growth through Enterprise Ireland’s Business Planning Programme which includes a one day workshop and follow-up mentoring support. Developed to guide Irish SMEs through a structured and proven process to establish growth objectives, develop a growth plan, manage business risk and create a trackable action plan.

The Business Planning Programme maintains a deliberate focus on enhancing you and your team’s capability and confidence to agree the strategic direction of the business, address changing market environments and manage the effective execution of the plan.

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Ray Clarke

Ray Clarke

Marketing Consultant

Ray Clarke is a highly experienced Marketing Consultant (Chartered Marketer) focused on helping Technology and Professional Services firms to grow. His primary goal is to maximise clients’ Return on Investment (ROI) in marketing and business development. Providing tailored strategic and operational support to enable his clients to effectively engage with their target markets and deliver a more successful sales pipeline.

Learning Programme Specifications

Programme Business Objectives

This workshop is designed specifically to allow you to learn about and understand:

  • The principles of developing and implementing business planning
  • Appreciate the difference between tactical/operational activity and goal setting/business planning
  • Design and deliver an implementable practical plan for your business that is focused on growth
  • Develop a framework to manage/measure execution of that plan
  • Embedding business planning practices in your company for the future
  • How to prepare for external market risk
Learning Approach, Facilities and Support

Prior to the workshop you will be required to complete a short online readiness check through questionnaire.

Following this the one day workshop is delivered. Here you will have the opportunity to work on your business with your management team using practical tools in a highly engaging workshop format with expert facilitation. Design and deliver an implementable practical one page business plan that is focused on growth. Differentiate between tactical & strategic planning and build action plans around both. Network and enjoy peer to peer learning with like-minded companies. Leave the workshop with a very clear blueprint for further developing your plan.

After the workshop you will have individual time with a facilitator to enable you to embed your learning further and get results through  2 x 1 hour mentoring sessions

Then a few weeks later you can engage in a short online session via skype after you have tried some of the techniques taught on the course, here you can seek further advice about hear from your facilitator about typical challenges at this stage and useful solutions.

Module Content
The Business Planning Programme maintains a deliberate focus on enhancing you and your team’s capability and confidence to agree the strategic direction of the business, address changing market environments and manage the effective execution of the plan.
Course Resources
You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.
Business Planning in the News

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