Attracting and Retaining Talent


Niall Saul


Short Programme



This programme may be suitable for you if you are:

  • Seeking to scale your company and need to development the management team to meet that challenge.
  • Need to identify the skills and capabilities needed to grow your organisation
  • Need to overcome specific challenges in attracting the right talent
  • Would like to identify the critical roles within you company and  a contingency plan if a current staff member leaves
  • Prevent the loss of great people

This programme will be beneficial to:  

  • Ambitious high-growth SMEs from all sectors
  • Member of the Senior Management Team with responsibility for Strategic HR. For example; CEO, CFO or COO.

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Niall Saul

Niall Saul

Chairman Symbio Business Solutions

Niall has over 30 year’s experience at Senior Executive or Director level, leading projects and initiatives in the areas of HRM, Organisation Development, Industrial Relations, Restructuring and Change Management. He has worked domestically and internationally for a range of major companies, both unionised and non-unionised in a variety of industries, including Banking and Financial Services, European Automotive, Construction, Luxury Branded Goods, Retail and Electronics.

Prior to joining Symbio, Niall spent three years as the Group HR Director of the McNamara Construction Group. Before that, he was Group Head of HR and Organisation Development with Irish Life and Permanent.

Learning Programme Specifications

Programme Business Objectives
  • Increase your understanding of best practice trends – employer branding, hiring and retaining talent
  • Increase your capability to integrate talent/HR approaches within your overall organisational strategy
  • Embed practical approaches to talent attraction, selection, performance mgmt., motivation, development, retention and succession planning
Learning Approach, Facilities & Supports

Combining a pre-programme questionnaire and one-day face-to-face implementation workshop and follow-on in-company implementation session (2 hours), this programme will support you to attract, retain and manage your talent, providing effective succession planning strategies to support your company growth. You will gain an understanding of talent management and attraction key concepts to support you in developing and implementing the most appropriate Talent/HR strategy for your business.

Module Content

A pre-programme questionnaire will be facilitated with participants in advance of the programme launch to ensure we develop content that meets your just-in-time HR needs. You can expect to receive most of the course content at the workshop supported by additional resources through the online learning platform.


You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.

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