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September 2017

Enterprise Ireland’s world class Leadership 4 Growth Programme aims to enhance the leadership & strategic capability, ambition and confidence of CEO’s of SME’s to lead scalable, innovative companies capable of growing exports and jobs in Ireland.

The Programme comprises of three residential modules which cover:

  1. Dynamic Business Strategy
  2. High Performance Leadership
  3. Sustainable Growth

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Pauline Brennan

Pauline Brennan

Enterprise Ireland

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IESE Business School IESE Business School

IESE Business School IESE Business School (www.IESE.edu) is ranked first in the world for customised executive education by the Financial Times and has a global reach with 4 worldwide campuses and 13 globally associated business schools. IESE has extensive faculty expertise who have mandatory experience in teaching, research and business consulting.

CLG is a management consulting firm helping companies achieve successful strategy execution, performance improvement, change management and leadership.

The Learning Partnership (TLP) is CLG’s Irish based strategic partner and will provide the Business Advisory Coaching Services for Leadership 4 Growth. TLP bring a deep knowledge and experience of working with Enterprise Ireland and their clients. They are passionate about implementing world-class thinking from the classroom into Irish organisations to provide CEOs and their executive teams with the tools and methodology to compete and grow on the international stage.

Learning Programme Specifications

Programme Business Objectives
Leadership 4 Growth will support the CEO to:

• Identify their own personal leadership potential and capability through development of leadership style, ambition and confidence

• Strategically analyse and evaluate their own business to make strategic choices for rapid growth

• Create a Strategic Growth Action Plan and robust strategic management / deployment framework for rapid growth and sustainability

• Identify and grow personal leadership with C-Suite and Board to grow a strong effective team to execute and implement step changes arising from the Growth Plan

• Understand the behaviours required to operate a culture of coaching / learning for continuous transformation and employee engagement

Learning Approach

INSPIRE – You will learn directly from world-class CEOs who will describe their vision and strategy development – the challenges they overcame and how their companies achieved leading market positions.

EDUCATE – Study practical entrepreneurial leadership theory and case studies and get tools and techniques for creating and communicating company vision, devising and executing strategy and developing leadership skills.

COACH – Your own coach will encourage, challenge and assist you to implement the core concepts learned. Focus is strengthened and your personal leadership skills will be enhanced in the context of your ambitions for your company.

EXECUTE – Apply the core concepts to leading your company. Every support is provided through educational modules to help you implement your learnings. Assignments for you and your senior staff between modules will assist you to put the theory


Module Content

Core elements of the programme cover:

Leadership Development

Strategic Choices

CEO Ambition

Corporate Structure

Organisation Culture

Course Resources
You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.
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