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September 2017

The International Selling Programme is Enterprise Ireland’s proven export sales development programme targeted exclusively at maximising export sales for Irish companies. This customised, practical programme is delivered by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in partnership with a panel of world-class experts and practitioners. Participation on the programme will deliver real and immediate impact both for you as an individual and for your company. The programme enhances the ability to access new markets and accelerates export sales growth.

Since the programme was established in 2006, over 600 CEOs, managing directors, sales directors and business development executives have successfully completed the International Selling Programme.

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To apply for the programme, contact: 

Sheelagh Daly

Programme Manager at Enterprise Ireland

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Tel: +353 1 727 2354

Sheelagh Daly

Sheelagh Daly

Enterprise Ireland

Key Aims

  • Develop a sustainable world-class international sales structure capable of delivering increased profitable international sales in new and existing markets
  • Develop a realistic and implementable International Sales Plan that takes account of the resources available and required by you as a participating firms.
  • Experience a tangible increase in international sales revenues  as a direct result of your participation on the programme.

Learning Programme Specifications

Design and Delivery Approach
  • Optimises individual and in-company learning and implementation through a blended learning model, which incorporatesa range of learning formats and approaches.
  • Empowers sales executives with the tools and frameworks to apply expert knowledge and skills in practical direct and indirect sales situations.
  • Maximises the opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and networking to engender a broader perspective on sales practice and encourage productive cohesion and support within the group.
  • Strengthens and optimises the sales executive’s technique in terms of presentation, persuasion and negotiation informed by insights from best practice, sales experience and the research literature. The programme will greatly enhance their capability, confidence and strategic and tactical sense in navigating challenging international market situations.
  • Provides participants with professional competence in sales strategy and techniques, interpersonal and leadership qualities, the capacity for autonomous decision making, business development orientation and innovative approaches to solving sales problems.
  • Produces sales professionals capable of contributing progressively, responsibly and creatively to the economy and to society.

1. The Executive Series                                                                                                                                                                                 

Eight x 2 day modules and 1 day finale delivered over a 9 month period. Key themes include strategy, skills and process.  Each module is accompanied by practical, company-specific assignments. At the end of the programme participants will   develop an international growth plan aligned to their company’s overall business strategy and growth targets.

 2. The Advisor Series                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Five face-to-face sessions with a Business Advisor. The BA works with participants to help them translate their programme   learning into international sales results.

3. Team Implementation Series                                                                                                                                                                   

One half day workshop, three e-learning webinars and access to an e-learning platform for up to two colleagues, to help      support application of learning throughout the business.


On successful completion of the programme participants are awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in International Selling or a Diploma in International Selling (CPD). ISP graduates may be eligible to progress to Masters level via the DIT Masters in Sales Management programme. The programme is accredited by DIT, recognised as Ireland’s premium business school who have successfully run the programme since 2006 and who award an internationally recognised qualification in sales management.

Who Should Participate?
The International Selling Programme is for manufacturing and internationally traded services companies currently exporting or with advanced plans to do so. The proven tools you will master are relevant to any ambitious company. Participants should typically spend a minimum of 30% of time in a sales role and must be at the level of;

  • MD/CEO
  • Sales/Commercial/Marketing Director (or other Director Level)
  • Sales/Commercial/Marketing Manager
  • Technical Sales Lead
Module Content
Module 1 – Positioning for Growth
Module 2 – Sustained Growth and Performance Gains/ Buyer Journey and Revenue Track
Module 3 – Sales Performance Management/ Hiring & Onboarding/ Key Account Management
Module 4 – Lead Generation/ Market Validation & Market Intelligence
Module 5 – Presentation Frameworks/ Digital Sales and Marketing
Module 6 – Routes to Market/ Finance
Module 7 – Culture and Negotiation
Module 8 – Meet the Buyer/ Personal Resilience
Module 9 – International Growth Plan
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Course Resources
You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.

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