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September 2017

The Go Global journey offers you world-class SME customised executive education, delivered by Ireland’s fastest growing University; Dublin City University – the university of enterprise. Together, Enterprise Ireland and DCU have designed a unique and innovative blended learning programme where you will learn from the best and apply that learning in-company with the support of a dedicated Growth Advisor.

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Clare Power

Clare Power

Enterprise Ireland

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DCU Business School

DCU Business School recently confirmed its position as a world-leading business school, with the award of AACSB accreditation – placing it in the top 5% of business schools worldwide.

Learning Programme Specifications

Programme Business Objectives
By the end of this journey you will have:


  • A highly confident and professional top team; clear of their leadership strengths and challenges with a shared destiny, goal and direction.
  • A shared company direction and value proposition which is clear and achievable. An effective leadership, management and board structure, to drive company growth.
  • Realigned company structure, considering key roles, to support your strategy implementation.
  • A shared strategic financial perspective which acknowledges the vital role of the top team in delivering sustainable and positive profitability, cash-flow and return on investment.
  • Embedded measurement approaches; key performance indicators and individual SMART goals.
  • Refined internal processes and controls which allow you to react to change.
  • A HR/talent plan which supports the growth of your people.
  • More open and consistent communications from senior team to ground level to support a culture of learning and trust. Implemented innovation tools and techniques to enhance your innovation potential and opportunities.
  • Continuous awareness and the tools to assess the external environmental factors which impact market opportunities ensuring your company remains alert and agile.
  • Developed and commenced implementation of a Go Global Roadmap, aligned with Enterprise Ireland’s strategic objective to scale Irish SMEs.
  • Established a network of trusted business peers whom you can leverage from in the long-term.


Learning Approach, Facilities and Support
Educational masterclasses delivered in DCU: masterclasses are delivered by Irish-based faculty and have a facilitated, experiential focus. Experienced business people drawn from the SME sphere complement the masterclasses by sharing their growth challenges, reassuring you that you are not alone.


Intensive support from a dedicated Growth Advisor: your carefully selected Growth Advisor will work with you on a one-to-one basis as your leadership coach and on a team basis working with your top team in-company. The role of the Growth Advisor is to challenge and support you, ensuring you can easily implement the programme content to the needs of your business.

Peer Learning Networks: you will be assigned to a peer learning network for the duration of your Go Global journey, facilitated by a Growth Advisor. This provides a unique opportunity to learn from peers representing other sectors and disciplines. You will have the opportunity to reflect on masterclass content, discuss and seek advice on business challenges, all in a trusted, intimate environment.

An interactive online learning platform: will support you throughout the Go Global journey providing an anytime-anyplace facility to meet your peers, learn from international thought leaders, prepare and debrief between masterclasses, draw from additional resources, develop in-company plans using simple templates and track your Go Global progress.

Module Content
Introduction & Orientation

Module 1

• Masterclass: Strategy Diagnosis with Dr. Brian Harney

• Peer Learning Networks

• Masterclass: Leadership & Performance with Dr. Yseult Freeney

• Integrate & Plan Workshops

• *Residential/Group Dinner

Module 2

• Masterclass: Financial planning for growth with Dr Ruchira Sharma

• Peer Learning Networks

• Masterclass: Operational Excellence with Michael Murtagh

• Integrate & Plan Workshops

Module 3

• Masterclass: Strategic Sales & Marketing with Cariona Neary

• Peer Learning Networks

• Masterclass: Innovation Strategy with Fergal Brophy

• Integrate & Plan Workshop

• Presentation of Go Global Roadmap


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Course Resources
You will be provided with a relevant toolkit as part of the course as well as additional online resources and suggested extra reading materials.

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